Blog Cressi - Scheda autori Patricia Wuest

Blog Cressi - Scheda autori Patricia Wuest

Patricia Wuest

Maitland, Florida, USA Dive Magazine Journalist, Scuba Gear Tester, Ocean Conservationist.

As the editor-in-chief of Scuba Diving and Sport Diver magazines, Patricia has had a 25-year career in dive journalism.

Certified as a diver in 1993, she began her career at Scuba Diving magazine, and today is the first female editor-in-chief on both magazines.

As the leader of the Dive Group team at Bonnier Corporation, she is passionate about using the magazines’ platform to support the dive industry’s efforts on all fronts — training, gear, travel, and conservation — to spread the joy of scuba diving, to promote safe-diving practices and to reinforce the industry’s commitment to protecting our water resources.

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